Barbie driving through the leaves…

Take your Barbie out for a drive in her pink corvette and play in the leaves with her and her friends.  Maybe they can even help you rake some leaves up into a pile and jump in them with you.

Don’t forget that Barbie wants to go with you

wherever you go…

and be your best friend.

So take her along and have some fun!

After the party…

Barbie dollsAfter the party…
Barbie party

Pink potholders


After the party is over, let the girls take a rest by snuggling up in the “Barbie pink potholders.”
Use a hair tie or a stretchy bracelet to keep the “wrap” on.
Playing barbie’s and friends can be so much fun!

Use your imagination to find new ideas and Do it yourself!

Pink potholders…

Pink potholders…
Pink potholders

Here are some “Barbie Pink” potholders that I found at the local $1.00 store.  They will compliment any Barbie theme.  Whether it is a birthday party, tea party or any other event.  Why not match it up and add some pink potholders in your theme?  They are bright and pretty.  I love to accessorize with bright colors like this.  It just makes every thing a little more festive.

Whatever you do, have fun.

Play with your Barbie dolls, and make them a part of your daily world…

Do it yourself table and chairs


b tableb finished tableb finished table2

It’s time to get started on some do it yourself projects. Let’s begin with a couple of really easy projects. The first one starts with 2 – 4 empty yogurt containers. Be sure to wash them out clean, and dry them. Tare off a piece of tin foil that is 12 inches wide by 7 inches long. This piece is enough to cover one yogurt container, making one chair. By the way, did you know that you could get tin foil at the dollar store? It’s the perfect price for Barbie and friends project’s at home or with a group of girls at an after lunch party. Make your own table and chair set and then serve high tea and crumpets to the girls, boys, and dolls. Let everyone enjoy the fantastic world of play and make believe.
Back to the chairs…wrap the tin foil around the outside of the yogurt cup and tuck it in on the inside of the cup. Then turn the cup over, smooth it out and you are finished, How easy is that? Try it out by sitting Barbie down for a little rest and relaxation. Some Barbie’s sit better than others. You might want to just lean your doll on the chair if her legs don’t bend. It’s all about having fun anyway. Repeat the wrapping process for two more chairs and invite Ken over for coffee and cookies. He loves to eat, you know. If you want to add a table, find a container that fits with the chairs. A washed out, sanitized, medium sized plastic soup bowl works perfectly. One with a lid adds extra strength to the top, but you can just cover the bowl with tin foil either way. Just be careful not to rip it by pushing too hard on the top. Also, thicker or double layered tin foil adds more durability. After covering the top and smoothing it to fit, you might want to secure it with scotch tape underneath. Use one more yogurt cup to make a base for your table. Cover it with foil and tape it to the top piece. If you want to dress it up a little, or use a bright color, you can get colored foil at a florist shop, or look for colored foil in Christmas wrapping packages. Be sure to make this a happy, bonding project for all, and have a great time using your imagination!