Barbie Camper

Barbie Camper
Barbie Bus

Playing with Barbie and Ken in the Barbie Camper…

Lots to do here…

Clothes to change and hang up,
Boots to put on…

Lunch and snacks to make,

And who’s going to drive out to the lake?

We all want to go swimming!
Who else wants to go?
Don’t forget the bathing suits and towels…

Make playing with Barbie and Ken fun, fun, fun!

Just do it yourself.

Make things yourself.


It is so much fun to make things yourself. And that is how this site got started. But along with the fun, easy, DIY projects comes the older more traditional world of Barbie. I’ve included some of the best and most popular Barbie’s that are for sale right now, right here! Take a moment to look at these new, modern, and traditional dolls and let them inspire you with holiday ideas. They are for sale from Amazon and you can find the actual links in the post called “Most Popular Barbie Doll Dozen”

You can add “do it yourself” clothes, Barbie furniture, a Barbie house, and other fun projects once you have the basic Barbie fashionista, doll collection. The world of Barbie and friends always keeps changing and growing – so enjoy life and remember to have as much fun as you can everyday!