There so many different ways to add to your Barbie world.  One of the things you can do is take Barbie shopping with you.  Here are some things I recently found at the local dollar store.

It is fun to add original Barbie furniture, but sometimes it is also fun to go to other places to find things.

This furniture is wood so it can be painted to match what ever color barbie wants today! Then you can finish it with a spray sealer/finish  to keep it fresh and permanent.

There is also plastic paint available at craft stores if you want to change the color of your plastic doll house furniture.  Don’t be afraid to do it yourself and enjoy the crafting side of playing with your Barbie dolls.  They can always sit around and watch as you help them change  their decor to a new, fresh modern look!


What ever you do – have fun with your dolls and make sure that having fun is the biggest part of your life with all your Barbie’s and friends…

Barbie rides again…

Barbie and friends.

barbie-horses Barbie was out riding with friends when she ran into another friend who was driving her pink corvette…                                   The car stalled on the edge of the road and Barbie had to tow her home.
Imagine that!
You just never know what adventures will appear once you get out your Barbie dolls, horses, and cars.

Remember to have fun and share your Barbie’s too.

Every body likes to play!

Printed tape…

Printed designer tape


This is a selection of designer, printed tape that can be used to decorate any of your Barbie projects. It can be used as a row of wallpaper or a strip of carpet, or just to hold something together. Use your imagination to enhance your doll’s world with pretty printed tape.  See what kind of new rainy day projects you can come up with!  These are available at Wallmart or your local dollar store – look around and see what new products you can find to add to your world of Barbie’s.

Barbie Pink Petunias…

Barbie Pink Petunias…Pink petunias

Plant “Barbie Pink Petunias” to keep expanding the Barbie Pink theme!  Petunias are beautiful summer flowers that will enhance your surroundings as you enjoy your outside play time…

And don’t forget to bring your Barbie dolls, and friends, out to play with you…

Have fun, fun, fun, playing outside!

After the party…

Barbie dollsAfter the party…
Barbie party

Pink potholders


After the party is over, let the girls take a rest by snuggling up in the “Barbie pink potholders.”
Use a hair tie or a stretchy bracelet to keep the “wrap” on.
Playing barbie’s and friends can be so much fun!

Use your imagination to find new ideas and Do it yourself!

Pink potholders…

Pink potholders…
Pink potholders

Here are some “Barbie Pink” potholders that I found at the local $1.00 store.  They will compliment any Barbie theme.  Whether it is a birthday party, tea party or any other event.  Why not match it up and add some pink potholders in your theme?  They are bright and pretty.  I love to accessorize with bright colors like this.  It just makes every thing a little more festive.

Whatever you do, have fun.

Play with your Barbie dolls, and make them a part of your daily world…

Barbie Camper

Barbie Camper
Barbie Bus

Playing with Barbie and Ken in the Barbie Camper…

Lots to do here…

Clothes to change and hang up,
Boots to put on…

Lunch and snacks to make,

And who’s going to drive out to the lake?

We all want to go swimming!
Who else wants to go?
Don’t forget the bathing suits and towels…

Make playing with Barbie and Ken fun, fun, fun!

Just do it yourself.

Barbie Table Accessories

Barbie Table Accessories

Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture- Accessories Plates Glasses Spoons

Barbie Dollhouse Tableware Accessories Plates Utensils Glassware

Price $7.92
In Stock.

  • Dollhouse furniture
  • for over 3 year old kids
  • no doll included, only doll clothes

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches ; 1.6 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up

Everything is a little more upscale than your typical doll dishes. The patterns on the plates and bowls are a nice touch and the glasses look like etched glass. My daughter absolutely loves this set. There is so much detail to it and it comes with a lot of pieces.

Barbie will be eating in style. Very cute set of dishes for barbie, well made & reasonably priced. I loved the little silverware with this set.