There so many different ways to add to your Barbie world.  One of the things you can do is take Barbie shopping with you.  Here are some things I recently found at the local dollar store.

It is fun to add original Barbie furniture, but sometimes it is also fun to go to other places to find things.

This furniture is wood so it can be painted to match what ever color barbie wants today! Then you can finish it with a spray sealer/finish  to keep it fresh and permanent.

There is also plastic paint available at craft stores if you want to change the color of your plastic doll house furniture.  Don’t be afraid to do it yourself and enjoy the crafting side of playing with your Barbie dolls.  They can always sit around and watch as you help them change  their decor to a new, fresh modern look!


What ever you do – have fun with your dolls and make sure that having fun is the biggest part of your life with all your Barbie’s and friends…

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